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HOW DOES THE FRUIT DELIVERY PROGRAM WORK? Very simply. You order a box that best suits your firm and then specify a delivery date or schedule and we go to work finding the best seasonal fruit for you. We then hand-grade the fruit, removing bruised and damaged fruit and pack it into a nice box that you can set on your break room counter.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU DELIVER? We deliver on Monday's and Wednesday's as often as you like weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

No, there are no contracts or long term commitments. Our whole company philosophy is to be easy to work with.

CAN I CUSTOMIZE THE FRUIT IN THE BOX? Absolutely,  we can change up quantities and when ever possible we will include special requests.

SHOULD I WASH THE FRUIT? Yes, we always suggest washing fruit.

IS THERE A DELIVERY FEE? The is NO delivery in the area's we service in Austin and San Antonio. The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden surprises.

WHAT FRUIT ARE IN THE BOXES? Unless otherwise requested, there are bananas, apples, oranges and then seasonal fruit like pears, peaches, tangerines, grapes, kiwi, and other seasonal fruit. Our buyers select fruit that is in season and a variety that will last on the counter of a breakroom for 3 - 4 days without spoiling.

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE FRUIT THAT GETS SORTED OUT OF THE BOXES? Glad you asked, we are very pleased that we are able to donate hundreds or thousands of servings each week to a shelter for the homeless and less fortunate.