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Our Story is a family owned and operated business helping businesses in Austin and San Antonio easily provide their productive teams with healthy, fresh fruit snacks. We discovered the concept of fresh fruit deliveries to offices on a trip to Europe in 2006. When discussing this concept with other business owners upon my return the responses were overwhelmingly positive. These businesses understand the many benefits of caring for their staff and the financial rewards of a happy, healthy team . We started not quite sure how it would take off as this was a new concept to our region, since then we have been blown away with the success. 

Customers love how we make their job simple and their teams LOVE them for it! Everyone wants to be healthy but not everyone makes the extra effort or makes the best decisions. By making it easy for them to make healthy food choices you team will respond. It's a great way to motivate and retain staff and increase productivity. 

Each of our fruit boxes are created specifically for our customers, some like more apples, some like more bananas, etc. All fruit is inspected at  least 4 times in the buying and packing process and are hand packed into attractive boxes designed to sit on a break room counter or where ever it is convenient. Our fruit buyers are on the look-out for interesting fresh seasonal fruit and each week varieties change.

Give your team a healthy boost, try our fruit boxes today! We will deliver as often as you like: daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We also create fruit gift baskets for special occasions. There are no contracts or long-term commitments, we have designed our service to be as simple and rewarding as we can - we are sure your team will love it! Thank you for your interest.

Mike McAbery, founder